Introducing Mule iBeans

September 21 2009

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I recently caught up with Ross Mason, co-founder and CTO of MuleSoft, to ask him about the launch of Mule , a new integration framework that allows your existing Java web applications to easily interact with other webapps and services, such as Twitter, Flickr, Gmail, and Amazon EC2.

iBeans, which runs in Apache Tomcat and Tcat Server, provides a simple API and annotations that enable your webapp to perform common integration tasks such as sending and receiving messages. You can even develop your own iBeans and share them via the iBean Central repository. And best of all, iBeans is open source and absolutely free.

You can listen to the podcast of my interview with Ross here. To learn more about using Mule iBeans, or to download the latest release, go to the iBeans home page.

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  1. Hello Jackie,

    What do you think about adding the MuleSoft podcasts in iTunes? It would be nicer to subscribe and follow up it.


    Nice one!