Mule and Quartz – Scheduled jobs and long running tasks

March 1 2013

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Recently I had a situation where I needed to get confirmations from an external system (webservice) at frequent intervals and add them to a database. All available confirmations were retrieved in a batch when the service was invoked. A confirmation was sent to the Service after a successful retrieval.

Mule Studio Beta Milestone 2 is here


In May we made Mule Studio Beta publicly available, the graphical design tool for Mule ESB. This week we are releasing a new beta milestone, with a lot of fixes and improvements based on your feedback.
For this milestone we focused in two main areas, adding support for Mule functionality towards a complete Mule Studio by GA and easy of use.

Some of the new features in this milestone include:

  • Support for Message Enricher
  • Security SSL configuration support for  HTTP and SMTP
  • 5 New Endpoints (Ajax, JDBC, SMTP, Quartz and SFTP)


The second area of focus is easy of use and productivity, some of the improvements includes:

  • XML view code completion and auto-import of XML Schema
  • Validation and tooltips for property dialogs