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Recently I had a situation where I needed to get confirmations from an external system (webservice) at frequent intervals and add them to a database. All available confirmations were retrieved in a batch when the service was invoked. A confirmation was sent to the Service after a successful retrieval.

Of course, Quartz came to mind. Piece of cake I thought and implemented the scenario using Mule ESB. Everything seemed to work as planned until we started to notice duplicates of confirmations in the database. After some investigation it turned out that occasionally there were thousands of confirmations retrieved and inserted into the Database. Since inserting thousands of records took longer time than the scheduled interval, a new request for confirmations was made before the retrieval process could complete.

In May we made Mule Studio Beta publicly available, the graphical design tool for Mule ESB. This week we are releasing a new beta milestone, with a lot of fixes and improvements based on your feedback.
For this milestone we focused in two main areas, adding support for Mule functionality towards a complete Mule Studio by GA and easy of use.

Some of the new features in this milestone include:

  • Support for Message Enricher
  • Security SSL configuration support for  HTTP and SMTP
  • 5 New Endpoints (Ajax, JDBC, SMTP, Quartz and SFTP)


The second area of focus is easy of use and productivity, some of the improvements includes:

  • XML view code completion and auto-import of XML Schema
  • Validation and tooltips for property dialogs