iBeans 1.0-beta-8 Released

October 28 2009


The Mulesoft team is pleased to announce the 1.0-beta-8 release of iBeans.

What is iBeans?

iBeans is a service that simplifies integration for web applications. iBeans exposes its API as a small collection of Annotations which can be used to easily integrate with existing or new applications. iBeans is installed in the Application Container and provides integration services to your applications, right now Tomcat is supported with others to follow.

ebizQ Commentary: Is “Guerrilla SOA” a Realistic Option When the CEO Doesn’t Approve Your Budget?


Trying to get budget from the C-level in these economic times can be difficult, but integration and SOA initiatives are still very much alive and need to move forward. Check out this blog post and conversation on ebizQ to consider whether “’Guerrilla SOA’ is a realistic option when the CEO doesn’t approve your budget.”

“SOA What” – the newest hit in dev rock

January 13 2009


Mark Bromfield, a senior programmer at Interval came up with this witty little jingle that we all get a (Mule) kick out of. Listen for yourself!

Lyrics are posted here if you’d like to sing along.

Did SOA Just Die?


There is an interesting post by Anne Thomas Maines from Burton Group exclaiming that SOA has gone the way of the Dodo:

Once thought to be the savior of IT, SOA instead turned into a great failed experiment—at least for most organizations. SOA was supposed to reduce costs and increase agility on a massive scale. Except in rare situations, SOA has failed to deliver its promised benefits.