New Year’s resolutions for the CIO

December 30 2015

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A new year will be arriving in just a couple of days and, of course, with it comes the opportunity to make all kinds of resolutions to help your business. How are you going to better incorporate SaaS applications into your business software? How are you going to improve your mobile apps? What is your company going to do to address microservices?

New Anypoint Platform release: bringing enterprise-class messaging to the cloud

December 17 2015

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We are very pleased to announce a new release of Anypoint Platform, featuring Anypoint MQ. Now customers can perform advanced asynchronous messaging scenarios and can even more easily address real-time, high reliability and highly scalable use cases, all in the cloud.

MuleSoft at MuleSoft: Anypoint vs. Custom Code Automation

November 18 2015

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There are numerous great reasons for using Anypoint Platform at MuleSoft. You might even assume that inside the company there would be little competition. But like many organizations, using Anypoint here required competing with the inherent desire people have to use custom code for integrations.

A good API strategy can help turn your data into revenue

October 20 2015

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When business leaders think about their organization’s data, they might think about records kept in on-premises systems or even in cloud applications, but they generally think of that data as very much inside the business. But what if those data assets could be reimagined and repackaged as a complete service and then exposed, inside and outside the business, through APIs? Now enterprise data not only has the possibility to spur growth but also provide new revenue streams for the business. It all begins with a great API strategy.

MuleSoft at MuleSoft: Streamlining Sales and Billing with Anypoint

October 8 2015

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One of the great uses of Anypoint Platform is automating business processes that need to interact with multiple systems and deliver useful functions. Many times these business processes are ones that started out requiring humans and as the business has grown it has become clear that the human process will no longer scale with the demand.

How to Win Against the Forces of Digital Disruption

October 7 2015

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News Corporation, one of the largest media companies in the world, was facing an existential challenge. It owns some of the most famous newspaper titles in the world; in Australia it has 150 titles and touches 75% of the population over 14. Readers were changing how they consumed their content; mobile web page views rose 6 times in two years and their mastheads were facing double-digit declines year-on-year.

Introducing MuleSoft at MuleSoft

I’m Mike Hamilton, the Director of IT for MuleSoft, and I am very excited to be kicking off a series of blog posts talking about how we use MuleSoft technology here at MuleSoft.

At MuleSoft our approach to IT involves blending our work and talent into the fabric of the business. We are continually looking for opportunities to use our technical experience to solve or enhance business processes and in turn make MuleSoft and our fellow Muleys successful. This creates exciting opportunities to better understand processes that drive our business and to build strong working relationships across teams.

Gartner Names MuleSoft a Leader – Again!


We’re pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, Gartner has named MuleSoft a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). CloudHub, the cloud-based integration component of Anypoint Platform, was evaluated in the Magic Quadrant.

Ken Yagen, our vice president of products, noted, “Digital transformation requires enterprises to rapidly integrate SaaS applications and digital services from
business partners with their existing back office systems. This calls for broad API-led connectivity and deployment on a platform that seamlessly connects the cloud and traditional data centers. Gartner’s recognition is a testament to CloudHub’s leadership and significant role in an enterprise’s hybrid integration strategy.”gartner-mq-ipaas-diagram

Learn How Salesforce Drives Innovation Through Integration

November 12 2014

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If you’re striving to make your business more mobile, social and agile, you’ll want to look into the latest offerings from MuleSoft and Salesforce.

Salesforce1 Lightning enables rapid development of applications that can transform how businesses engage with employees and customers. Maximizing the potential of these applications requires the ability to connect with data across the enterprise in way that is secure and scalable, but also agile. Anypoint Data Gateway from MuleSoft supports and extends Salesforce1 Lightning Connect to more easily enable access to data stuck in back office systems.

Top 5 Steps to Drive Your Digital Transformation Initiative

November 5 2014

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Your customers, competitors, and suppliers are becoming digital. If you joined us for Ross Mason’s webinar, Connect Faster to Drive Value: A Strategy for Rapid IT, you’ll understand why you must digitally transform your own business. Now how do you cut through the hype and get started?

We’ll tell you in the next webinar in the Connected Company series: Top 5 Steps to Drive Your Digital Transformation Initiative. In this webinar, R ‘Ray’ Wang, Constellation Research, will discuss five simple steps market leaders are taking to lay a foundation for digital transformation and highlight a MuleSoft customer who has successfully taken these steps to accelerate IT’s ability to deliver business value.
Ray Wang

Walk away from this webinar with:

  • Questions to ask to identify your preparedness for digital transformation
  • IT innovations that are driving business model disruption
  • Tips to build collaboration between IT and business to drive faster results

Presenter: R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst, Constellation Research