is No.1 on the AppExchange!


We are on a mission to simplify integration at every level, whether that be large scale service orientation, legacy integration, SaaS automation, mobility enablement or even data loading.  For those not familiar with, its a cloud service offered by MuleSoft that allows SalesForce users to upload, download and delete data.  This is an important task, before any SaaS application is useful you need to load data into it. Previous to SalesForce customers had to download a Windows application and run data uploads from a local machine.  This isn’t what Marc Benioff had in mind when he talked about his ‘No Software’ vision. We’ve now completed that vision by creating the first, cloud-based dataloader.

This offering is completely built on CloudHub, with Mule at its core. CloudHub is a great platform for building packaged integration applications, what we call iApps. These mix connectivity, data mapping, API publishing and UI to make integration tasks more accessible  to everyone. To give you an idea what these iApps look like, take a look at the video below or try for yourself.

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This notion of iApps and specifically seems to be very popular for users, so much so that has now taken the top spot on the SalesForce AppExchange in less than 2 weeks!

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