Get Connected, Become a Customer Company

December 17 2013


Companies are adopting a variety of SaaS applications to meet their business goals but are ending up with a highly fragmented ecosystem. At the same time, customers are interacting with businesses across an increasing number of channels, including websites, numerous social media platforms, call centers, in-store and more. With so many customer touchpoints, optimizing engagement and having a single view of your customer data across all applications, devices, and interactions is crucial. Many businesses are interested in becoming customer companies and improving service and support across all channels, but just don’t know where to start.

Fun Fact – Here at MuleSoft, we use nearly 80 SaaS applications!

The challenging part of adopting new SaaS applications is connecting them to existing applications and syncing data across a customer’s lifecycle to ensure a streamlined customer experience. If these applications are not connected, data remains siloed and companies fail to obtain a single view of the customer. An integration platform makes it possible to break down those silos, streamline processes, build a future-proof enterprise, and improve customers’ experience.

Join Sarah Burke, MuleSoft’s Senior Product Marketing Manager for SaaS Integration, to gain insight into key technology trends and learn how integration allows you to connect with your customers, employees, partners and suppliers. Our latest eBook, “Blueprint to Becoming a Customer Company,” helps get your business on the path to becoming a .

Download “The Blueprint to Becoming a Customer Company: How to Bring Salesforce‘s Vision of a Customer Centric Company to Life” today and learn:

  • What a customer company is and how it applies to you
  • How to identify applications that impact your customers
  • Why integration makes it possible to truly become a customer company
  • How to future-proof your enterprise architecture
  • Key criteria of the New Enterprise as the ultimate customer company

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