Top 5 Steps to Drive Your Digital Transformation Initiative


Your customers, competitors, and suppliers are becoming digital. If you joined us for Ross Mason’s webinar, Connect Faster to Drive Value: A Strategy for Rapid IT, you’ll understand why you must digitally transform your own business. Now how do you cut through the hype and get started?

We’ll tell you in the next webinar in the Connected Company series: Top 5 Steps to Drive Your Digital Transformation Initiative. In this webinar, R ‘Ray’ Wang, Constellation Research, will discuss five simple steps market leaders are taking to lay a foundation for digital transformation and highlight a MuleSoft customer who has successfully taken these steps to accelerate IT’s ability to deliver business value.
Ray Wang

Walk away from this webinar with:

  • Questions to ask to identify your preparedness for digital transformation
  • IT innovations that are driving business model disruption
  • Tips to build collaboration between IT and business to drive faster results

Presenter: R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

These five steps (from Ray Wang’s blog post) include:

  1. Design new experiences and business models. Use digital as an opportunity to craft new experiences. Customers seek outcomes and experiences while organizations continue to sell products and services. This gap in expectations only exacerbates in a digital world.
  2. Develop a culture of digital DNA. Success begins at the top. Digital DNA requires strong leaders who are not afraid of dips in share price, cannibalizing existing markets, and identifying new approaches. Organizations must assess their innate ability to thrive in a digital business environment and nurture digital artisans.
  3. Apply new technologies to existing infrastructure. Digital does not mean wholesale replacement of existing technologies. Bringing external data to internal systems creates new patterns that provide better data for testing out new business models.
  4. Move from gut to data driven decisions. Data is the heart of digital transformation. Every touch point, every click, every interaction provides a digital exhaust rich in context. These information flows then provide the foundation to surface patterns that provide insight and enable better business decisions.
  5. Co-create and co-innovate with new partners. No company can succeed on their own. In digital transformation, an ecosystem of co-creation and co-innovation awaits. Organizations should participate in industry consortiums and also create their own ecosystems aligned around the organization’s self-interest.

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