Connect with MuleSoft @ QCon Sao Paulo

Last December we visited Brazil for our first Summit in South America. It was a nurturing experience for our team We got an understanding of the different challenges faced by organizations when it comes to the evil “point to point” integration, we learned there is immense adoption of open-source technologies – so much that government agencies, state-run businesses, schools, enterprises and other organizations have been replacing their closed-source software with open source options. One of the most interesting things we learned was that in Brazil, mainframe grows 17% year over year- not a small fact.

With technologies growing in all sectors in Brazil, organizations have to be able to adopt new software and at the same time maintain their existing legacy systems. Seeing the difficulty they have in connecting the old with the new, we believe that our platform provides the freedom to connect what you want, when you want, whether it’s on premise or in the cloud.

On April 11th, we’ll be at QConSP, presenting our session, “Falling in love with APIs, without divorcing your legacy systems”. Ramiro Rinaudo, Engineering Manager for Mule ESB, will talk about new trends and ways to do business, and how organizations can reutilize their existing technology investments, as well as how APIs can empower their business.

Visit our booth (#10) starting April 9th through April 11th at World Trade Center São Paulo and start falling in love with APIs!


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