Managing Disparate PaaS and Private Cloud Environments for Financial Services


Financial Institutions (FIs) find that deploying PaaS and IaaS solutions within a environment are an attractive alternative to technology silos created by disparate server hardware, operating systems, applications and application programming interfaces (APIs). Private cloud deployments enable firms to take a software-defined approach to scaling and provisioning hardware and computing resources.

FIs face a number of challenges as they build out their private cloud and PaaS environments:

  • Financial services firms are deploying private clouds and PaaS to improve IT manageability and to empower developers, but still need to manage and monitor legacy environments and third party applications
  • Many firms are adopting PaaS to manage microservices and break down legacy applications into discrete components, resulting in many more endpoints to make discoverable, secure, connect, manage and monitor
  • Applications and container technologies deployed on the PaaS may lack the ability to generate “machine data”–detailed information on memory utilization, system resources, endpoint analysis and other critical monitoring statistics

To overcome these challenges, FIs must:

  • Develop an overarching connectivity approach for applications, data and workflow to seamlessly tie together private cloud/PaaS, legacy systems and third party applications
  • Consider implementing a unified, full integration stack on a single platform that addresses a wide range of endpoint requirements—security, management, integration, and orchestration
  • Incorporate an API-led connectivity approach that allows firms to embed tracking agents into legacy systems, PaaS applications, and deployed containers to provide comprehensive environmental health statistics

Download the whitepaper, Financial Services PaaS & Private Clouds: Managing and Monitoring Disparate Environments, to learn more about how MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform enables IT organizations to take a bimodal approach to private cloud management—driving speed to market and agility while enforcing a governance process to avoid fragmentation and duplication of services. MuleSoft, a proven on-premises, hybrid and cloud integration leader, provides a virtual agility layer, allowing new services on the PaaS to interact with legacy on-premise mainframes or SaaS environments in the cloud.

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