How to Win Against the Forces of Digital Disruption

News Corporation, one of the largest media companies in the world, was facing an existential challenge. It owns some of the most famous newspaper titles in the world; in Australia it has 150 titles and touches 75% of the population over 14. Readers were changing how they consumed their content; mobile web page views rose 6 times in two years and their mastheads were facing double-digit declines year-on-year.

This was having an effect on News Corporation Australia’s sales and advertising operations; they knew they had to make a choice: adapt quickly and transform their business or risk losing everything.

To meet the challenges posed by digital disruption to the newspaper industry, News Corp realized their greatest asset was their content, not actual newspapers. The company also realized that by delivering content through new channels and methods, consumers would pay for the experience, and the company could also create engaging environments for advertisers to connect with consumers.

But to realize this vision, they would need to quickly produce, test and market new ways of delivering content through popular digital channels such as mobile. Ultimately, speed and agility would determine their ability to compete and win their readers back.

News Corp Australia CIO Tom Quinn recognized that digital disruption was creating an urgent need for the company to transform. He wanted an approach to connectivity and an API strategy that would allow News Corp to remain nimble, move fast, and make changes rapidly.

To find out more about News Corporation’s approach to dealing with industry change, and the truly outstanding results of their work, take a look at the case study outlining their business transformation and how they were able to meet their challenges.

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