Meet a Muley – Evangelina Martinez, Senior Java Developer

November 1 2013


Here at MuleSoft, we’ve had a lot of exciting things going on lately. With our new lean startup mountain climbing principles, MuleSoft summits wrapping up and the launch of RAML tooling, we’ve been pretty busy; not to mention we’ve been hiring talent like crazy!

We thought it might be a good idea to give our community an idea of what goes on internally – what we’re up to, who we are, what makes us laugh – and just shed some light on MuleSoft and the personalities we have here.

Each week, we’ll introduce you to a new Muley in our “Meet a Muley” series and give you a little bit of insight into what they’re about. Feel free to leave a comment to request someone from a specific team or position, or let us know if there are any questions you’d like to ask!

So let’s get started! This week we’ve got Evangelina Martinez, a Senior Developer for the API team from our Buenos Aires office. We sat down with her and asked her what it’s like working at MuleSoft, Samoyed dogs and her love for cookies.

First thought that came to mind when you looked into the mirror today?

  • I need to do something with my hair!

How did you find MuleSoft?

  • I was referred by a MuleSoft employee. We worked together in a previous company and I have to say that seeing him so excited about a company was a big point in favor for MuleSoft. He is more of a complaining type of guy (I can foresee that he is going to complain that I said this).

How was the interview process? Any funny or embarrassing stories?

After the first technical interview, I felt my brain has been drained completely and felt like an extra from the Walking Dead for the rest of the day. The process was rather uneventful, though it was pretty interesting to be interviewed by the VP of Engineering, the CEO and the CTO of the company.

Is it difficult being in BA and working with teams in SF?

  • It has its challenges, location-wise, it’s always easier to have the people you need to work with right next to you and I can’t deny there are cultural differences. We tend to make more politically incorrect jokes in Argentina =) But at the end of the day it’s not really a problem. Technology makes it easy to communicate and see each other and we can always travel to SF if there’s need to.

What was your first job?

  • I worked at McDonalds in Mar del Plata for a summer when I was 17. To say that that place got crowded was an understatement, it was just crazy. It’s definitely one of those things I would stop myself from doing if I could go back in time.

What’s a typical day like for you?

  • Normally, I struggle to get out of bed, slowly make my way to the office and finally become a social being after I have breakfast. Then I work on the iteration tasks I have assigned, have meetings, discuss features and bugs, play ping pong if there’s time and have fun at the office. It helps to have a great team to work with. After that I just go to the gym to workout a little and relax (I have some gym buddies in the office and we convince each other to go when someone is feeling lazy).

Biggest challenge of the day?

  • Besides getting out of bed, I would say prioritizing the tasks I should work on – there’s always so much to do! And I want to do everything at once. So scheduling my day is a must for me.

Best perk of being at MuleSoft?

  • Definitely working alongside great people and being able to be creative and have an impact on the products I work on. At MuleSoft you don’t only have the room, but you are also encouraged to think outside of the box, suggest improvements, implement the best solution you can think of, research for alternative frameworks, discuss and propose. This, for me, is how you learn and grow. I also love being able to travel and participate in MuleSoft Summits where I get to meet MuleSoft clients and prospects. Actually meeting clients face to face is pretty amazing.

Biggest challenge since you’ve been at MuleSoft?

  • While I was a part of the ESB team, adding features and fixing bugs without breaking backwards compatibility was always challenging. You never know when a user is relying on a buggy behavior. Another challenge is to always keep up with the code quality and try to make the best technical decisions for a given product.

What’s something new you learned today/while being at MuleSoft?

  • I learned that I need to speak out my mind and dare to try new things and stand by my opinion. Just leave my comfort zone, don’t expect somebody to tell me what to do or accept what they say as the only way to do things, and also accept that I can be wrong (which happens more often that I like to admit!). Through discussing alternatives you come up with the best solution.

Best piece of advice you’ve received?

  • Keep it simple

Most embarrassing moment?

  • My mind likes to block embarrassing moments, haha.

Favorite food you could eat every day if you had to?

  • Cookies – Do they count as food? Any cookie without raisins will do… I hate that mania of adding raisins to anything!  I hate raisins.

If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now, what would you do?

  • Probably something sports related. I always liked playing sports, before deciding to study Computer Engineering I wanted to be a Physical education teacher or pursuing a sports medicine degree. I’m a big soccer fan, but enjoy playing any sport. I find working out to be relaxing and I try to find time every day to do something to channel out some stress. Lately, I’ve been extremely jealous of people that travel around the world for a living. I love traveling and meeting people, learning about other cultures and being amazed by natural wonders. So I would probably give that a try.

If you could have any pet in the world, what would you want?

  • I’d love to have a Samoyed dog! Have you seen them? They’re just adorable.

Favorite karaoke song?

  • I don’t have one sadly, I should be forbidden to sing in public anyway, haha. Can’t even stand listening to myself in the shower…that’s how bad I am.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?!

  • Always try to do what makes you happy :]

Check back next week to meet another Muley! Again, if there’s a particular team or position you’d like to hear from, or if there’s a specific question you’d like to ask, let us know in the comments!

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