The rising value of APIs

There’s an argument that data is the most valuable resource a company has. As consumers and businesses use more web and mobile apps, and companies use data to provide personalized experiences for their customers, and analysts use data to make real-time decisions, it is becoming clear that the discoverability and presentation of data is increasingly important to how businesses function.

APIs have emerged as as the most accessible way for consumers within the business to extract value out of enterprise data. APIs allow data to be used in innumerable ways: developers can use them to create new business opportunities; improve existing products, systems, and operations; and develop innovative business models. Analysts can grab new data sources more quickly and pull the data into their analytics platforms. Since APIs are the keys to unlocking enterprise data to use in all sorts of new and interesting ways, their value to the enterprise is only increasing.

In the new whitepaper, The Rising Value of APIs: Predictions for 2016, we’ll be talking about some ways that APIs are increasingly becoming important to business and we’ll discuss some real-world case studies in which they are providing big companies measurable, valuable outcomes.

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