On-demand Webinar – Integration Trends in Media

December 4 2013


Join David Chao, Senior Product Manager at MuleSoft, as he discusses the state of the media industry with guest speaker Richard Donovan from Sky in our upcoming MuleSoft webinar, “Integration Trends in Media: 2013 Review.

During 2013, media companies have been working with a sense of purpose to expand their traditional distribution models and move towards delivering content across new platforms. Cross platform integration will be key as another significant development this year is the consumer’s perspective about how they want to receive and interact with content which, in turn, means media companies will need to get closer to their customers.

Media companies that assist their existing customers during this period of transition as well as attracting new users, will need to have the speed, flexibility and insight to engage and monetize their expanding consumer offerings.


Richard Donovan, Integration Architect, SKY (@scalabiliti)
David Chao, Senior Product Manager at MuleSoft (@davidchao)

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