Upcoming Webinar – Top 3 Considerations for Integrating Hybrid Environments


Even as SaaS adoption explodes and business processes move to the cloud, organizations still have crucial data locked in on-premises and legacy systems, and they aren’t going anywhere.

More and more companies are seeking new integration strategies to deal with these hybrid environments, and struggling with how and where to integrate them. This Thursday, join MuleSoft’s Chris Purpura, VP of Cloud Integration and Dan Diephouse, Director of Product Management, for a live webinar, “Top 3 Considerations for Integrating Hybrid Environments“, where they’ll give guidance to help you form a hybrid strategy.

We’ll cover:

  • The top 3 things to consider when looking to integrate hybrid applications
  • The most common hybrid integration strategy pitfalls
  • How to connect securely across cloud and ground
  • A hybrid integration case study of a large multinational company working with MuleSoft

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