Customer Success Story: House of Fraser’s Integration Strategy

retail success story

Julian Burnett, the CIO and an Executive Director at the House of Fraser, has a problem that many businesses can identify with. Legacy systems need to be modernized, supply chains have to be updated, new channels have to be brought online — change is happening at an incredibly rapid rate and must be addressed while keeping the business operational.

House of Fraser is a premium department store based in the UK, and like almost every other business on the planet, Burnett has to modernize and update legacy systems while still keeping the lights on and the wheels turning.

“Integration allows me to undertake that change in a cost efficient and risk efficient way,” Burnett says. Yet there’s a pitfall that his business has had to watch out for. “Most integrations between business systems, if I’m honest, occur point to point in a really rudimentary way. We hadn’t really thought about integration as a capability.” But he and his team realized, as they were modernizing their eCommerce system, which would have implications on numerous other business systems, that they would need an integration partner that not only could provide those integrations but could provide House of Fraser a strategic direction for their new integration capability.

Enter MuleSoft. “Everything is changing,” Burnett notes. “As a consequence, you need a strategy that isolates elements of that change and isolates elements of that change and enables you to move the parts around in a cost-effective and risk effective manner. Our integration strategy and tools from MuleSoft allow us to do that.”

Watch why House of Fraser adopted MuleSoft and the benefits Anypoint Platform have brought to the business.


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