CONNECT 2014 Recap!


That’s a wrap everyone! CONNECT 2014, the integration conference of the year, has come to an end! With speakers from companies like Salesforce, Tesla, Box, Cisco, and Stripe, in addition to our very own MuleSoft experts, there were plenty of great sessions for everyone.

Fun facts:

  • Over 1,200 registrants between CONNECT and its sister event APIcon
  • Attendees from 36 countries
  • Over 300 unique companies represented

It wasn’t all about being serious and talking business though – we made sure to have some fun along the way!

| Max stole the show on more than one occasion.

| Mahau Ma kicked us off Wednesday morning.

| Panel discussions = more intimate conversation.

| There were even dancing robots!

Let’s take a minute to recap some key points from some of the most popular sessions. With three days of content, there was no shortage of keynotes, breakout sessions, training, and panel discussions.


  • Registration, Training, Partners, Welcome Reception

Tuesday began with plenty of excitement as hundreds of eager integration aficionados checked in and got settled. Hands-on training and partner workshops allowed the technical bunch to get their hands dirty and get started working with Mule and APIs. Attendees learned how to get started with their first Mule project in just a few hours. Those interested in APIs were able to learn about API management and design from concept to completion, including how to leverage the RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML).

A welcome reception at the end of the day allowed attendees to mingle with and learn from our sponsors:

  • Cisco

  • Cloud Sherpas

  • Deloitte

  • Apttus

  • Confluex

  • Go2Group

  • Red Roadster

  • Appnovation

  • Bits in Glass Inc

  • Cedarcrestone

  • Slalom Consulting

  • Springblox


  • Keynote: The Connected Company – with MuleSoft, Salesforce, Stripe
  • Customer Session with Ross Meyercord, CIO of Salesforce
  • CIO Panel with Jay Vijayan, Ross Meyercord, Ben Haines, Michael Zill
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Customer Appreciation Party
  • CAKE concert at Ruby Skye

Wednesday kicked off with a bang! We started off with a welcome keynote featuring thought leaders from Salesforce, Stripe and MuleSoft talking about the future of APIs and integration, as well as the importance of becoming a Connected Company. During the keynote, we also introduced the new Anypoint Platform May 2014 release, which is now available to all! Check out the blog post and press release for more details.

Some central points from the keynote:

  • How should you think about your API? An API is a product, treat it like one.
  • Connectivity is what drives innovation and growth in the economy
  • Integration has evolved from decoupling applications and data, to unlocking data silos, to digital channel creation.

Ross Meyercord then stepped on stage to talk about Salesforce and their focus on enabling companies to become customer companies. He also mentioned how MuleSoft helps make it possible to become a connected company and bridge the gap between employees, partners, products, devices and customers.

Following our general session was a CIO panel featuring the CIOs of Salesforce, Tesla, Box, and CareFusion. As Ray Wang moderated, they chatted about the challenges of enabling and connecting people, as well as the recent shift that businesses are undergoing, requiring them to move from a traditional mindset to a forward thinking one and learning to sell experiences rather than products.

After the morning keynotes, a number of smaller, more focused sessions broke out. Attendees were able to hear from industry leaders and MuleSoft experts about industry trends, MuleSoft’s platform and solutions, and get a little more technical at the CONNECT Expo. Many attendees were even able to get Mule certified!

Breakout sessions included speakers from some of the most innovative and influential organizations and covered trends not only across SaaS, SOA, and APIs, but also in retail, financial services, public sector, and healthcare. A few notable names included:

  • Splunk

  • JobVite

  • GAP, Inc

  • Wells Fargo

  • VentureBeat

  • Pfizer

The evening wrapped up with a Customer Appreciation Party at a local bar, followed by a CAKE concert at Ruby Skye!


  • Fireside Chat: Monetizing the World of Connected Devices – Cisco, The Tile App, GE  Software
  • Panel Discussion : Business Integration in the Cloud – with VetCorp and Deloitte
  • Hands-On Demo Breakout Sessions

Thursday’s keynote featured Hari Harikrishnan, Senior Director of Applications Platforms for IoE, Cisco, Bill York, VP Products, The Tile App, and Niloy Sanyal, Commercial Strategy Leader, GE Software. The group talked about trends in IoT (Internet of Things) and how the impact is seen across both the industrial and consumer side.

Robert Scoble led a session entitled, “Age of Context: A Look at Tech Industry’s Latest” in which he discussed the top 5 trends that’ll be reshaping the next 5 years. We took a look at how sensors, wearable computers, along with data from location, services, and social networks are changing nearly everything including privacy.

Apttus, Deloitte, and Splunk participated in a Quote to Cash panel in which they chatted about integrating their CRM and order management applications to streamline revenue operations and eliminate errors and delays in critical processes.

After a panel discussion featuring MuleSoft’s Chris Purpura, VP of Business Development joined Tim Boyd of VetCorp and George Collins of Deloitte CloudMix, attendees were able to jump into industry specific hands-on demos with integration experts.

Thursday’s batch of sessions showed attendees how to connect faster with Mule 3.5, deliver great APIs with Anypoint Platform, connect to hybrid environments with CloudHub and get started with the Anypoint Connectors and Templates.

And that’s a wrap! A big thanks to all of our sponsors for making CONNECT possible. Thank you so much to all of our attendees for making CONNECT a huge success! We’d love to get your feedback so we can make next year’s CONNECT even better. Tell us what your favorite sessions were or which demos were most helpful. What would you like to see next year? Did you get Mule certified? Tell us about it!

Feel free to leave a comment below or catch us on our social channels to stay in the loop for CONNECT 2015!

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