CONNECT Keynotes You Just Can’t Miss

September 8 2014


is approaching quickly, and with over 30 customer presentations and breakout sessions along with hands-on demos and training, it can get a little overwhelming to pick and choose which sessions to attend. Here’s a look at some of the most exciting keynotes and sessions that will be offered at CONNECT London.

Legendary Keynotes

  • Monetizing the World of Connected Devices
  • The Connected Company

We’re bringing the excitement to London to discuss the past, present and future of connectivity and innovation, and offer perspective on connected devices and customers. You’ll hear from visionaries about how connectivity will ignite the next exponential leap in human progress and how through integration, businesses can optimize and realize new value through systems, now and in the future.

Sessions Spotlight

Spotlight on SOA

For current Mule ESB experts, or those looking to level up their Mule ESB capabilities, we’ve put together a series of technical sessions designed to introduce the complete set of capabilities available with Mule ESB and Anypoint Platform, provide a framework for building highly performant and scalable applications (+ trade-offs to consider), and deliver best practices for building projects that will enable your organization to deliver hybrid architectures in the future. Best of all, these sessions will be lead by MuleSoft experts who are enabling customer success every day.
Some interesting sessions to check out:

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Spotlight on SaaS

You’ll hear from the product managers behind CloudHub and our Anypoint Templates about how MuleSoft is focusing on making it easier to integrate all your channels. Anything and everything you want to know about SaaS and cloud integration will be covered in our SaaS sessions – and if it’s not? Just ask. We’ve curated content to get you started with SaaS integration, learn how to connect hybrid environments, and how to unlock your back office.
Sessions to keep an eye out for:

  • Everything You Need To Know About Saas And Cloud Integration
  • Connecting to Customers Through Integration
  • Unlock your back office: Maximize your Investment and Fuel Growth
  • Connecting to Hybrid Environments with CloudHub
  • Getting Connected with Anypoint Connectors and Templates

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Spotlight on API

For businesses interested in learning about the API landscape and how APIs are enabling innovation for all kinds of businesses, we’ve designed a series of sessions to get you ramped up. You’ll hear from customers like BSkyB on why they need APIs and exactly how their team built them. You’ll hear from Cisco on how API-enabling all of their internal services is completely transforming their company. Insights from people driving API strategies and first phase of implementations will be shared, giving attendees a chance to learn best practices for implementing projects, hear about lessons learned so you can avoid pitfalls in your own project, and learn how to plan your own deployment.
A few other notable sessions to check out:

  • Innovation in an API Economy
  • Winning Strategies For The API Economy
  • Secrets of a Great API
  • From vision to reality: Deliver great APIs with the Anypoint Platform
  • How to Design RESTful APIs for Adoption: RAML and Beyond

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Whether you’re interested in technical content or something more visionary and business focused, Connect has something for everyone. Space is limited, so be sure to register for CONNECT today!

Need help justifying the trip? Download this justification letter and check back next week to learn more about the upcoming sessions and keynotes. Follow us on Twitter at @MuleSoft for all the latest updates.

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