Healthcare Attendee? How to get the most out of Dreamforce ‘15!


Did you know Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations are leveraging MuleSoft to radically transform healthcare? Providers are extending the point of care beyond the four walls of the hospital ward, and health insurance companies are moving from passive payers of claims to active managers of their policyholders’ lifestyle.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform enables these transformations by providing a new level of connectivity. To thrive in this new era, healthcare organizations must seamlessly integrate data, applications and processes across clinical and non-clinical systems, both on- premises and in the cloud.

At the upcoming Dreamforce Conference, MuleSoft will be discussing how we are helping leading organizations throughout the healthcare ecosystem, from government agencies to local pharmacy providers, to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs by connecting systems, data sources, and people.

Join us September 15th – 19th to learn how the following organizations have leveraged API-led connectivity including:

  • , Sutter Health has created a platform that orchestrates patient data across 1,000s of clinical and non-clinical systems, and exposes patient data via APIs. Using our platform, Sutter has already reduced the time spent enrolling each patient from four hours to 10 minutes. They are planning to build an additional seven applications this year by leveraging the securely exposed patient data.
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  • State of Colorado, built a citizen engagement platform to determine Medicare/Medicaid eligbility. This improved the user experience of citizens, businesses and local agencies engaging with the State, while staying compliant with new Meaningful Use legislation. They were able to deliver on-time the promise of a more responsive and engaged government and saved $5 million in manual processing costs in the first 6 months alone. 
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Register here using the promo-code EC15MLFT to receive $100 off a full conference pass, and don’t forget to use the MuleSoft Dreamforce 2015 landing page to make sure you can find us on-site.

See you at Dreamforce!

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