Enabling Salesforce Integration for Financial Institutions

September 16 2014


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Financial institutions choose Salesforce

Financial services firms value Salesforce solutions for their ability to drive business transformation. These solutions provide customers, employees, and partners with robust anywhere, anytime functionality for sales, service, marketing and customer engagement.

Salesforce can solve a wide array of business challenges for financial institutions. A bank relationship manager might need to understand their commercial client’s product portfolio and credit exposure across its treasury management, international banking, capital markets, and commercial lending groups. An investment firm’s customer-facing staff may need to access client data across multiple back end systems in order to recommend to optimize an investor’s portfolio. An insurance firm may want to provide a consistent claims experience across their agent desktop, web portal and mobile app.

Making the decision to use Salesforce as the system of engagement is an easy one; however, once a financial institution chooses Salesforce to serve as their hub for customer, employee or partner data, the challenging work of connecting Salesforce to other SaaS applications and on-premises software begins.
A system of engagement depends on an integrated experience. Most firms have numerous disparate legacy applications and multiple CRM systems, including Salesforce instances, that house critical data. The success of a Salesforce implementation hinges on replacing point-to-point integration with a loosely coupled integration layer.

Connect Salesforce to everything

With MuleSoft, businesses can seamlessly connect Salesforce to their on-premises applications and other SaaS applications using Anypoint Platform™, the world’s leading cloud and on-premises integration platform. Moreover, MuleSoft helps accelerates your implementation with integration solutions for Salesforce.

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With its Anypoint Templates for Salesforce integration, MuleSoft makes it possible to consolidate, synchronize and migrate back-office and SaaS application data into Salesforce. MuleSoft seamlessly connects batch and real-time data, ensuring a consistent anytime, anywhere experience for your customers, employees and partners.

Meet us at Dreamforce

Salesforce’s upcoming annual conference, Dreamforce, features more than 1,400 breakout sessions tailored by role, product and industry. You can learn more about how Salesforce enables financial services firms by attending one of the financial services industry sessions highlighting topics such as the customer journey, security in the cloud, systems of engagement, and organizational transformation.

And while you’re at Dreamforce, visit MuleSoft at Cloud Expo booths N2025 & N2024 to learn more about our Salesforce customer success stories and speak to financial services integration experts.

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