Meet a Muley – Dan Ahmadi, Marketing Wizard

December 6 2013


For this week’s Meet a Muley post, we’re switching things up a bit and introducing you to someone from the marketing team! Dan Ahmadi not only has the longest title in the company (Marketing Programs and Demand Generation Manager), he’s also a jack of all trades. He works across account development, product marketing and digital marketing teams, all to drive global demand generation initiatives and marketing operations.

First thought that came to mind when you looked into the mirror today?

  • That’s my face!

How was the interview process? Any funny or embarrassing stories?

  • The interview process was longer than I expected, but the longer I talked to people, the more I wanted to work here. A rigorous interview process ensures that your peers are likely to be superstars. Initially, I wasn’t sure how to pronounce the name of the VP of Marketing, so I didn’t. Once I found out though, I said it every chance I could. Not weird.

So what exactly do you do?

  • I work with the digital marketing and field marketing teams to promote our solutions through online and offline channels. I also run webinars, newsletters, and nurture campaigns. It takes a lot of communication and coordination across sales, marketing, and product management to make sure we’re saying the right things to the right people at the right time. I also ran the last few rounds of MuleSoft Summits!

Is it difficult working with people in different time zones?

  • It’s not too bad. You learn what times are the best to connect with each person and everyone is flexible. I’ve become comfortable with waking up to emails from my colleagues in London and Sydney.

What was your first job?

  • When I was 14 years old, I started my own website business called “;” I taught myself HMTL, flash, and CSS to build a couple websites that are still (unfortunately) in use today. I also served several stints including a notary public, photographer, lifeguard, calculus tutor, and IT technician – all before I was 20 years old.

Best perk of being at MuleSoft?

  • The unlimited time off perk is my favorite. People tend to be so passionate that they don’t take too many days off, but it’s nice to know that the possibility is there.

What’s something new you learned today/while being at MuleSoft?

  • Build everything for scale from the start. We constantly remind ourselves — “will this process be able to handle 10x the flow? What about 1000x? What’s our plan to scale this going forward?” If you don’t think about the future today, it will definitely come back to bite you tomorrow!

Best piece of advice you’ve received?

  • “Tell it like it is.” When I was a chemist, my manager taught me to lay out the results the way they are and not attempt to modify them to look better. You end up wasting less time and moving forward faster.

Most embarrassing moment?

  • I was nervous in an interview and said the word “funner”. The conversation went on and I didn’t want to go back and correct myself, and hoped it slipped under the radar. After I got hired, I never heard the end of it!

Favorite food you could eat everyday if you had to?

  • Thai food. I love it! And California avocados–I love those things (and yes, they are different).

What do you do for fun?

  • When I’m not having fun at MuleSoft, I like to cook, hike, camp, and ride my motorcycle when the weather permits it (which is rare in SF). I also run a small non-profit organization that aims to help the needy called HelpingSF.

If you weren’t doing what you’re doing, what would you do?

  • I would go back to school and study computer science and learn to build websites and apps. I have so many random ideas that I would love to execute on!

If you could have any pet in the world, what would you want?

  • If I could have any pet in the world, I would have jellyfish. They’re not that friendly, but the way they float around is mesmerizing and majestic.

Favorite word?

  • I don’t really have one, but now that I think about it, the word “word” could be my favorite word. Why not.

Check back next week to meet another Muley! Feel free to leave a comment below letting us know if you’d like to hear from someone from a specific team or let us know if you have any questions!

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