Meet a Muley – Jose Sahad, Software Engineer

January 31 2014


Happy Friday!

For this week’s Meet a Muley post, we thought we’d take advantage of José Sahad being in the SF office for the week. José comes from Buenos Aires and is Lead Developer, or in more exciting terms, a Software Engineer on the Connectors team. Read on to hear about how he ended up in and his interesting quest for a cure to an all too common problem.

First thought that came to mind when you looked into the mirror today?

  • Where did the hair go?

How did you find MuleSoft?

  • Actually, they had the honor of finding me :] It was during a hiring event. My first thought was: “Why should I work for them? Everyone uses bittorrent now.”

How did you first get interested in your field?

  • I remember that I had inherited my uncle’s Commodore 64 and I got curious about how things worked. Now that I think about it, I realize that it’s far different from what I imagined.

What exactly do you do?

  • Very good question. I help connect Mule with the world by putting little boxes with fancy icons in Mule Studio.

How was the interview process? Any funny or embarrassing stories?

  • It was hard, especially Greg’s interview. When I met Ed I thought: “Wow, if all the VPs in this company are like him, then this is the paradise.” I also remember my technical interview with Gabriel and Alberto where I spent the whole hour trying to deduce where Alberto comes from because his accent was really strange (it’s still pretty strange).

What was your first job?

  • Tricky question… It depends on what you consider a job… If you asked my youngest sister she would say that my first job was as a bauble seller, since I used to sell anything at hand. But I would prefer to say that my first job was as a bookkeeper at my parents’ company when I was a teenager.

What’s a typical day like for you?

  • I wake up, usually late, rush to the office, argue during lunch about philosophical topics with the guys, get frustrated for something that doesn’t work (blame the little goblins that live inside the computers, they are guilty for sure), dinner with friends or play Fifa online (PS3). Before heading to bed I usually figure out why some things didn’t work. And so on…

Biggest challenge of the day?

  • First of all, waking up, (painful). Then trying to explain to my colleagues that I’m a serious guy.

Best perk of being at MuleSoft?

  • Awesome people! It makes being part of this team such a pleasure.

Biggest challenge since you’ve been at MuleSoft?

  • Trying to manage everyone’s expectations. People tend to think you’re a superhero (even if you only look like one) but at the end of the day you’re just a normal person.

What’s something new you learned today/while being at MuleSoft?

  • That everything is possible. Sounds gooey but it’s true.

Best piece of advice you’ve received?

  • “Don’t do it.” Although I’ve never followed it.

Typical weekend?

  • Suffering on Saturday morning, going out with friends, suffering on Sunday morning, reading.

Most embarrassing moment?

  • Apart from this? It isn’t easy for me to feel embarrassed (not a good thing).

Favorite food you could eat everyday if you had to?

  • Asado (in Argentina it’s like a BBQ but a real one).

If you weren’t doing what you’re doing, what would you do?

  • Depends on how far I can dream. In a very probable scenario I’d be an NBA player and a rockstar during the off-season.

If you could have any pet in the world, what would you want?

  • I would want a shark, but a little one. They are very cute, and lethal.

Favorite karaoke song?


That wraps it up for this week’s Meet a Muley post! We hope you enjoyed meeting another of our Buenos Aires Muleys. Check back next week for more! As always, if you have any questions or requests leave a comment below!

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