Meet a Muley – Suchi Deshpande, Sr. Product Manager

February 7 2014


Happy Friday!

For this week’s Meet a Muley post, we thought we’d take it back to the Connectors team and introduce you to a newer Muley! Suchi Deshpande, Sr. Product Manager for Connectors, has a quirky sense of humor and focuses her time on keeping things connected. Despite coming from a mobile background, she’s settled into MuleSoft pretty well. When she’s not running around the office, she’s spending time perfecting her fighting technique.

First thought that came to mind when you looked into the mirror today?

  • I am definitely going to the gym… tomorrow.

How did you find MuleSoft?

  • Two words…Dan Ahmadi. He was my connection into MuleSoft. I used to be a Product Manager for Mobile Apps, so I wasn’t 100% sold on MuleSoft at first. But once I started doing the research and met the people, it quickly turned into a dream job scenario.

How did you first get interested in your field?

  • I had an excellent mentor in my first start-up. I always strive to be like her, but in a non-creepy way.

What exactly do you do?

  • Figuring out how to make the world one giant system… using connectors!

How was the interview process?

  • Intense and interesting. I had the on-site interview when I was a week away from giving birth to my son and my doctor’s words were, “This could happen any day now”. I just remember crossing my fingers and hoping I’d get through the interview process without a mishap.

What was your first job?

  • YMCA, working for a middle-school after-school program. I quit after two months, I couldn’t get myself to be the bigger person and take crap from third graders. Kids can be mean!!

What’s a typical day like for you?

  • Wake up – hit the snooze button 4 times – coffee – make a to-do list while people-watching on the BART – participate in tech & strategic meetings – more meetings – lots more coffee – review my to-do list at the end of the day & realize that I only checked off 1/10 times. Rinse and repeat.

What are you currently working on?

  • Questioning my existence. But seriously, trying to piece together my learnings from my 2.5 months at MuleSoft.

Biggest challenge of the day?

  • Time is always slipping away.

Best perk of being at MuleSoft?

  • Definitely the people. I cannot think of a nicer and smarter bunch to be surrounded by.

Biggest challenge since you’ve been at MuleSoft?

  • Managing my time. There’s always something that I should be doing that I’m not.

What’s something new you learned today/while being at MuleSoft?

  • There’s a place in Texas called Scurry. We had our product meetup there for 5 days. As Greg, our CEO put it, it was 20 miles from nowhere.

Best piece of advice you’ve received?

  • Life is a box of chocolates…just kidding.. “Never try to be someone you’re not.”

Typical weekend?

  • Haven’t had one of those in a long time! Recently, my weekends have been far from typical. We spend our time taking trips to the zoo, parks, museums, and catching up on shows.

Most embarrassing moment?

  • I like being employed too much to answer that question.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

  • Fight like Bruce Lee. The best I can do now is keel over and curl up in a ball when someone charges at me. (Yes, he is a super-hero).

Favorite food you could eat everyday if you had to?

  • Tacos!

If you weren’t doing what you’re doing, what would you do?

  • Stalking Tina Fey.

If you could have any pet in the world, what would you want?

  • Preferably someone/something that can feed and pick up after itself.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?!

  • This is the worst-kept secret, but I have the sense of humor of a 14 year old boy. Not always work appropriate.

That’s it for this week’s Meet a Muley! We hope you enjoyed meeting another member of out connectors team. Check back next week for an all new team member. As always, leave a comment below if you’re interested in hearing from someone in particular.

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