Creating a New Kind of Cat

September 10 2009


Launching Tcat Server was a new type of challenge for MuleSoft. How do we take something that everyone knows — Apache Tomcat — and differentiate it with the enterprise features that our customers were asking for?

We started with a set of principles that would help us deliver this value. These included:

  • Simplicity
  • Compatibility
  • Innovative Tooling
  • Better Integration

Our first principle was that Tcat must retain the simplicity of Tomcat. This was difficult, because we wanted to add enterprise tooling to support complex workloads and large Tomcat deployments, yet still make it feel like vanilla Tomcat. We did not want to create another JEE app server. Every feature with the potential to introduce complexity was vetted against this principle, and a strong focus was kept on usability to offset any added complexity.

Above all, it was imperative that Tcat remain backward compatible with existing Tomcat deployments and the tooling that developers use today. We did not want to introduce any new concepts that could not support vanilla Tomcat. Tcat Server bundles the official Apache Tomcat binary (version 6.0.20 as of the current release) with additional enterprise features and support. Tcat is also an open environment that allows you to also use your existing Apache Tomcat 6 instances with it.

The developers we interviewed overwhelmingly responded that they wanted better diagnostic and lifecycle management tools for Tomcat. This is the primary focus of Tcat. Tcat couples a sophisticated application repository, support for popular development tools like Maven and Eclipse, and deep, native Tomcat diagnostics to provide something truly unique in the application server space.

When coupled with Mule ESB, Tcat Server provides the complete middleware stack for today’s web applications. Mule makes integration simple, and there is no better solution to link your web applications into the enterprise. MuleSoft will also be leveraging the Tcat platform to bring you even more innovative integration solutions in the coming weeks.

I encourage you to download Tcat Server today and take it for a spin. Developers receive a free license and free expert Tomcat assistance from MuleSoft support.

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