MuleSoft partners with Axial exchange to release open source healthcare interoperability


In 2010, MuleSoft is getting very proactive about energizing the partners segment of our community.  This month we are really happy about a new partnership we’ve entered into with a bunch of ex-Red Hatter’s via a new start up called Axial.  Axial aims to disrupt the traditional proprietary handling of electronic medical record management by a few dozen large healthcare ISV’s by driving down the cost and level of effort required to enable medical record sharing.  Axial has just announced Axial360, a new open source interface engine project that hopes to enable the creation of an open library of connectors to the vast landscape of healthcare systems and electronic medical record repositories.  MuleSoft is excited to support and participate this endeavor and encourage all interested Mule developers to check it out and lend a hand.

Interested in participating?  Go here and download 360 today.  Interested in formalizing a partnership with MuleSoft on this or other projects or our commercial products, visit

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