Tcat Server 6 Public Beta Phase Concludes

October 10 2009


The public beta phase is now complete — Tcat Server 6 R1 is now released!

Thanks for all of the help and feedback you gave us during the public beta. We learned quite a bit about what you, the Apache Tomcat community, want in the form of an Enterprise Tomcat server. We made many important changes, added some features, and did a lot of testing.

During the public beta, one thing we learned from your feedback was that a significant percent of your production Tomcat instances are still Tomcat version 5.5, which was a very good release branch of Tomcat. It had significant performance enhancements over 5.0, in addition to memory footprint reductions, and more. We’re not surprised to see many Tomcat 5.5 instances still dutifully serving the web. For these reasons, we’ve added full support for Tomcat 5.5 in the first GA release of Tcat Server — it now supports stable versions of Tomcat 6.0 and Tomcat 5.5. This means a single Tcat Server console installation can control and monitor a mixed set of Tomcat server instance versions, spanning different operating systems both old and new.

Some very important additional features we’ve just released include:

  • Tcat Server 6 Console Plugin API: It is now easy to write and distribute separately bundled plugins for the Tcat Server 6 console.
  • Amazon EC2 Provisioning Plugin: This new plugin extends the console to offer an automated way of provisioning new Tcat Server instances inside Amazon’s EC2 cloud! It is a very exciting feature that you can use to build out your Tomcat server farm in the cloud, and take full advantage of Tcat Server’s features while Amazon handles the hardware.
  • Application Provisioning Rollback: Easily roll back deployed application packages to a previous version, for release management and failure recovery.
  • Maven Support: WAR artifacts can be pulled directly from a Maven repository and deployed to Tcat Server instances.
  • New beta release of : A new, updated release of iBeans is included in the Tcat Server 6 R1 release. This new iBeans release is still in beta, but it fixes some known bugs.

One thing that has not changed: Tcat Server 6 is still free for developers! In your development environment, you need tools to help diagnose web application memory issues, threading issues, deployment issues, and more. Tcat Server 6 does all of these things and is free for you to use in your development environment. Enjoy!

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