Tcat Server is now GA


We have released the GA version of Tcat Server today. The last few weeks have been exciting, as we were getting a continuous stream of feedback from the community, customers, and prospects.

We added several new features since the public beta release, which I will discuss later in this post.

We have received great feedback on Tcat Server over the past couple of weeks from our hundreds of beta testers. Some more notable quotes:

I was impressed with the light-weight process of installing and running it (vs. my experience with Hyperic HQ). The remote Tomcat instances were discovered right away.

What I’ve liked about Tcat is the simplicity, ease of deployment, and richness

The new features are really cool

It seems to be a great product !!!

So, what else did we add to the product since the initial public beta?

  • Integration with Maven – Applications can now be published to the repository from a Maven plug-in, so these can be deployed to your Tomcat server from the repository
  • Amazon EC2 plug-in – This optional component enables you to provision new instances of Tcat Server onto EC2, based on a Tcat Server AMI.  Newly provisioned servers can be managed from the Tcat Server Console. You can read about the EC2 plug-in in more detail here.
  • Support for Tomcat 5.5 – This is in addition to supporting Tomcat 6.x
  • Rollback functionality for provisioning – This allows users to restore a prior version of the application package from the deployment history.

We have several more exciting ideas to enhance the product in future releases. I will blog about some of these features shortly. Meanwhile, if you have a feature/capability that you would like to see added to the product, send us an email: tcat at mulesoft dot com.

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