CONNECT 2014 – Sessions, Speakers, Tracks, Concerts and more!


2014 is approaching fast! With over 15 customer case studies and 30 breakout sessions, it can feel a bit overwhelming.

The best way to plan your journey to CONNECT is knowing what you’re interested in.

If you’re interested in hearing from thought leaders…

don’t miss the keynotes! CONNECT will host leaders from some of the most innovative companies, including:

  • Ross Meyercord, CIO Salesforce
  • Jay Vijayan, CIO Tesla
  • Ben Hayes, CIO Box
  • John Collison, Co-Founder Stripe
  • Ross Mason, Founder MuleSoft
  • Uri Sarid, CTO MuleSoft

If you’re interested in hearing from customers…

don’t miss our 15 customer case studies, where you’ll hear from customers on how they drive customer engagement, amplify the pace of innovation, and create new revenue channels through integration.

If you’re interested in tech trends in particular industries…

The Industry Solutions track offers insight from industry leaders on how integration has transformed their organizations in:

If you’re interested in SaaS and APIs…

Hear first hand from users how SaaS integration and well-designed APIs can drive business growth. Sessions to check out:

  • Everything you need to know about SaaS and Cloud Integration
  • Designing a Winning API Strategy
  • 360 Degree View of the Customer
  • Secrets of a Great API
  • Lessons from API Thought Leaders
  • 360 Degree View of the Employee
  • Integrated Quote to Cash
  • Integrating the Heterogeneous Enterprise
  • Journey to a Private Cloud

If you’re interested in diving into code…

Hear from our technical experts on RAML tooling, iPaaS technology, connectors and templates, and new functionalities released in Mule 3.5:

  • A Tour of MuleSoft Integration: Building Success from Planning to Production
  • Developing a Mature SOA Strategy in the Age of the Cloud, SaaS, and APIs
  • From Vision to Reality: How to Deliver Great APIs in the Anypoint Platform for APIs
  • Building Performant, Reliable, Scalable Integrations with Mule ESB
  • Maximizing the Value of Legacy
  • Connecting to Hybrid Environments with CloudHub
  • Getting Connected with Anypoint Connectors and Templates
  • Connect Faster with Mule 3.5

And if you’re interested in brushing up on your integration skills…

Attend valuable training courses, including:

  • ABCs of Mule: Your First Integration Project:
    Create a new Mule project and complete a cloud-based integration scenario in just a few hours. Experience Anypoint DataMapper and DataSense, data transformation and Mule flows, and learn to synchronize data between cloud-based applications.
  • How to Design RESTful APIs for Adoption: RAML and Beyond:
    Learn about API design and how to leverage RAML through hand-on training that covers things from “Why use REST of build an API?” to best practices – and even lets you dive into creating a mobile banking API and using RAML tooling.

With so much going on at it can get a bit hectic, but with a little planning you’ll be on your way to a beautiful integration journey.

Oh, also, we have CAKE:

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