Enterprise APIs, for real!

February 22 2013


We are seeing a lot of traction in enterprises as they adapt towards new business models, enabled through . I am at the API Strategy conference in New York City today, and will speaking in the “Enterprise API” session about how enterprises are adopting APIs to create value. To this point, I came across an announcement today of how Visa, the company we all know through our credit cards, is embarking on the journey of transforming itself into a new enterprise as evident by their latest announcement around their Partner Program. This program paves the way for mobile device manufacturers, technology partners, mobile network operators, and others, to easily navigate the complexities of the payments ecosystem, and to gain access to Visa IP, licenses and best practices, all through their API. This is a pretty clear indicator that even the most established businesses are feeling the pressure of newer innovative companies eating into their businesses. For the enterprise, APIs are rapidly becoming the way to survive and compete in a rapidly changing landscape.

Visa is a great example of a traditionally legacy enterprise opening up to an ecosystem to create more value both for itself, and for it’s partners. Its also a great example that every enterprise needs to change the way its interacts with partners and customers; a strategic focus APIs is what makes this possible. I look forward to talking more about this later today.

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