3 reasons to surrender your data center and move to the cloud

MuleSoft CEO Greg Schott has advice for companies looking to move faster and take advantage of opportunities provided by digital transformation. In an interview with Computer Business Review, Greg says, “Surrender your data center security blanket,” he says. “I think even the most regulated business would go to the cloud if they could. [But in many cases, CIOs] feel better because their data is sitting inside my data center, I can see it I can touch it, try the door handle and make sure it’s locked.”

For businesses looking to move to the cloud, Greg has three reasons to say goodbye to your on-premises data center:

  1. The cloud is better, cheaper, and faster. “All businesses see the benefits of cloud…I think even the most regulated business would go to the cloud if they could.”
  2. It’s okay to trust cloud security – most security breaches are internal rather than related to the cloud. “A company like Amazon has a lot more money to invest in their security than most any company in the world,” Greg notes.
  3. There is growing customer demand for getting data out of systems, and APIs are the way to do it. “The newer the SaaS vendor the more API standardized they will be,” Greg says. “When you look at the latest SaaS vendors they tend to have really good APIs because people like Facebook, Netflix and Amazon and others have shown that an API can drive your business.”

Take a look at the full article for more of our CEO’s thoughts on APIs and how SaaS applications can work together more effectively.

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