Holiday shopping on your mobile phone

2015 is shaping up to be one of the most mobile friendly seasons ever. Adobe predicts that for the first time, mobile will drive the majority of shopping traffic. Google has shown that 1 trillion dollars of retail sales were influenced by mobile search in 2015, and 53% of us – up from 41% last year – shopped online using a mobile phone or tablets.

Clearly, for holiday shopping, mobile is a big deal. Not only does it add convenience for shoppers, but mobile shopping also affords retailers the opportunity to provide unique experiences as well. For example, one major US bank has beacon technology in its retail stores that send personalized offers to customers in the vicinity. This could result in major benefits – one study showed that 80% of retailers who used personalization reported increased benefits.

How ready is your company for the rise in mobile use? To make sure you’re ready for Christmas 2016, take a look at our resources for retailers as well as our primer on how to develop a mobile strategy.

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