Cloud Connectors + Mule iON screencast


This post is all about developing Connectors and deploying apps to Mule iON, but rather than just using words I created a screencast that demonstrates how to use Cloud connectors and Mule Flow to build applications that can be run on Mule or Mule iON.

Cloud Connectors provide simple and reusable integration with Social Media APIs (like Facebook and Twitter) and Cloud platforms (for example Amazon Web Services). You have many options: browse our existing Cloud Connectors, create new ones yourself and share them with our growing community (and take credit for it!), or turn your existing public API client into a reusable Cloud Connector. In this particular example, I will use GeoNames API and Google Maps.

Mule iON is a new and powerful concept: Mule in the cloud. Just upload your Mule app and start using it right away! Simple, fast, smart.

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Hope you enjoyed the screencast! You can download the full source code of GeoNames Cloud Connector as well as the sample app here or check the Connector’s web page.

Also check this tutorial on creating Cloud Connectors in just 5 steps! And the recently published Twilio Cloud Connector!

Let’s keep in touch, I’d really like to hear your comments/thoughts. If you have any questions go to our forums.

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