Community forums have a new face


We are proud to announce the newly redesigned Community Forums are up and running. Along with a new clean design, we’ve enhanced the overall user experience by making content easily searchable and accessible. Here are a few other highlights:

Before creating a new topic, you’ll have visibility into similar topics that have already been posted – allowing you to add to one big ticket around that topic, or have your question answered right then and there.

New topics are categorized and bubbled up based on votes and participation, allowing committers and community members to find the most valuable conversations.

With each post you participate it, you’ll be closer to earning a badge. Badges are given to community members who correctly answer questions.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta (you know who you are). Anyone with additional feedback or requests, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re all ears!


Have a question about Mule now? Ask it in the new forum!




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