DevKit 3.8.0 released!

December 14 2015


I’m excited to announce the release of v.3.8.0 today. This version includes a lot of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Here are seven key features you should note from this release.


License management for MuleSoft Certified Connectors

With DevKit 3.8.0, partners can manage their connector’s license natively within DevKit. This feature will allow partners to require license entitlement before users can deploy their connector in runtime. Now, similar to how our Premium Connectors work, users will see a form requiring the entitlement before the connector can be deployed.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 4.58.50 PM

Session management for SOAP Connect

SOAP Connect is the easiest way to build a connector  using WSDLs. To enhance the experience around SOAP Connect, DevKit 3.8.0 enables developers to inject sessionIDs to either HTTP header/cookie or SOAP header/payload, and to manage session expiration properly.


Contextual help for connectors in Anypoint Studio

To provide you with the right information at the right time as you build your Mule applications, with DevKit 3.8.0, we are launching a new UI within Anypoint Studio, which presents all related documentation about the connector you are using, right where you need it.

Contextual Help


New APIDoc generator

The new APIDoc generator automatically creates documentation for multiple connection configurations and covers the annotations, @Filter and @Transformer. In addition, the generator also puts reference links to your Java types under attributes, so users can have easy access to additional information.


Metadata cache

Fetching metadata is performed on demand when a user designs a Mule Application which requires the metadata for a particular key. It could take long time to complete the fetch process, and could generate unnecessary requests to endpoints. To improve user experience with connectors, this version enables developers to use metadata cache.


Testing Framework (CTF) for CloudHub

As part of the connector certification, MuleSoft requires manual testing on CloudHub. With CloudHub support for the latest CTF included in DevKit 3.8.0, a simple maven command will automatically run the functional test for you.

mvn clean test -Dcloudhubuser=<your_CloudHub_username> -Dcloudhubpassword=<your_CloudHub_password>


JDK 8 Support

To use JDK 8, please add the following property in your pom.xml


To start building a connector with DevKit 3.8.0, simply change your DevKit version to 3.8.0 in your pom.xml or follow the step-by-step instructions in this document. To learn more about DevKit 3.8.0, please review the release notes.

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