Ship your mule to the cloud


Cargo is a library providing a thin abstraction layer above containers life cycle and applications deployment. Think about integration testing Swiss army knife. It can be used from ant, maven or as a Java library to manipulate most available containers.

Starting today cargo has an open-source Mule implementation.

This implementation will allow you to deploy a mule application/configuration file:

  • in an embedded mule container (no mule installation required)
  • in a local standalone mule installation
  • on iON

Moving from one to another is a trivial configuration change. See full documentation and examples for more details.

We will focus on the deployment on iON to demonstrate how easily you can provision your first iPaaS application.

Your application on iON

First create a free iON account. You just did the hardest part.
Now simply adapt this maven configuration to your needs and you can deploy, test and undeploy your application on the cloud as part of your build process!

Enjoy the full power of integration in the clouds!

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