Announcing Mule Studio General Availability


I’m really excited to announce the General Availability of Mule Studio.
Mule Studio is a powerful graphical environment that allows to easily model, run, test and deploy Mule applications for both Mule ESB and Mule iON.


  • Is a single common tool for both on-premise and cloud deployment.
  • Provides 2-way editing, meaning developers no longer have to trade off ease of use and control.
  • Is 100% Eclipse-based eliminating the need for cumbersome SOA stacks and their clunky development tools.
  • Sets a new bar for usability.



We had more than 5000 users that signed up for the Beta program; they provided great feedback and helped to improve our product before it hits the street. Thanks to all of you!

I want to share some comments from our Beta participants:

“… All development has been done in Mule Studio and all testing of Mule and JBPM is all being done right in theStudio IDE. Great product, love using it, it has made my life quite a bit  easier. I really look forward to the GA release.”

Aron Benett – Equifax

“Mule Studio is a brilliantly intuitive flow designer that will take the pain of xml completely out of your life. Developers can be up and running in minutes!”

Charles Harvey – ISC-AIT

“I work as an application architect and I have to say that this is the most promising integration tool on the market. The best part is super easy to build extensions.”

Kamlesh Patel 

“… our team started working with Mule 2.2.1 CE, we had to deal directly with XML configuration files. When we started to work with MuleStudio, debugging and flow design become easier. I strongly recommend using MuleStudio because it improves team’s productivity”

Mauricio Murillo Rosero – Tandicorp


This is just the beginning, we are planning to improve and add many more features to Mule Studio. Stay tuned

Download it today and give it a try, the getting started page will guide you step by step how to create your first Mule application.

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6 Responses to “Announcing Mule Studio General Availability”

  1. I just want to let you know the “Download Now” button URL is wrong. It points to the button image URL instead of Mule Studio download URL.

  2. Too bad the product esb platform support starts from Mule 3.2.x CE and there is no support for EE features.
    … hopefully…in the next release ?


    • Grigory,

      Enterprise support in Studio is coming really soon in March. This is aligned with the process we use for all Mule releases.
      We first release a Community version, get feedback, harden it, do more testing and then follows and Enterprise version with added functionality/features



  3. Hi Mateo, Is it possible to use another Mule 3.x runtime instead of the embedded one in Mule Studio ?

    • Hi Bgillis,

      Not at this time. This version of Studio only supports embedded runtime.
      Connection to standalone runtime is a feature high in our radar and in the roadmap for later this year.