Designed With SaaS Providers in Mind: Mule iON SaaS Edition Now Available

Yesterday we announced the Mule iON SaaS Edition and a QuickStart Plan designed specifically for SaaS Providers. One of the reasons why we are so excited about this release is because it was designed specifically with SaaS providers in mind, giving you an easy way to build and deploy your own cloud connectors and Integration Apps directly from Mule iON, the #1 integration platform as a service.

Here’s a deeper look at a few things included in Mule iON SaaS Edition and the new pre-set pricing plan to get you up and running quickly:
Mule Studio with Data Mapping and TransformationOur Mule ESB developers know and love Mule Studio’s graphical drag and drop tooling. Now with the release of the new version of Mule Studio for iON, users can easily build graphical data transformations between a variety of file formats (XML, JSON, CSV, etc), connectors, and their own custom code. For example, this tutorial shows just how easy it is do Salesforce exports to CSV and uploads to an FTP site. To download this version of Mule Studio, go to the iON Getting Started page. (If you’re an on-premise ESB user, this functionality will be available in Mule 3.3).

SaaS Operational Dashboard
For those of you who are developers in SaaS organizations, the SaaS Operational Dashboard will be your lifeline into your customer environments. From a single dashboard you can now identify, and trouble shoot integrations across all your customer sites. Here’s a sample dashboard from our partner PeopleMatter:

Under the notifications and alerts tabs you can filter events by type, and even configure Mule iON to send you proactive notifications to alert you if and only when something has gone wrong (A huge time saver).

Build Your Own Connectors for Studio
We’re also rolling out improvements which enable you to build your own custom connectors and drop them in to Studio. This allows you to easily package up connectivity for your API or another API you’re integrating with and reuse it easily in your development teams.


The QuickStart Plan
For the SaaS Provider that wants to build integration apps- fast – the QuickStart Plan give you instant access to the Mule iON Platform, key SaaS management tools and technical support for a pre set price. Here are the key benefits of the QuickStart Plan:
  • Certification of one integration app
  • ISV Partner Support
  • Half day developer course
  • 20 End Customers

Learn More
This was just a preview of the Mule iON SaaS Edition platform capabilities and the QuickStart Plan. To learn more check out the Product Overview,  SaaS Edition, and SaaS Provider Plans & Pricing on, or contact us if you’d like to learn how to become a Mule iON partner.

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  1. HI

    I downloaded the MuleStudio from the link mentioned in the blog.

    So what is the Mule ESB version it uses? It will be a community release or EE.

    I want to know whether I can use it for development.