Mule Community Extensions Release Train (AMQP, Redis, PuSH, Erlang, JCR)


Following the recent release of Mule 3.3.0, I’m happy to announce the related releases of five community transports: AMQP, PubSubHubbub, , and .

With these new versions available, you’ll be able to benefit immediately from the new features of Mule 3.3.0.

Use it to connect to AMQP 0.9.1 brokers – read more.



Allows Mule to act as a PubSubHubbub hub or subscriber – read more.



Read, write and publish/subscribe with Redis – read more.



Transparently integrate with Erlang nodes – read more.



Access Java Content Repositories – read more.



Migrating to 3.3.0

A complete migration guide is available online. As far as the transports / modules discussed here are concerned, there are no particular migration concerns to worry about.

This said, in the process of upgrading, consider using the “current” schema version in your configuration files instead of a specific Mule version number. For example, for AMQP, use this schema declaration:

This will future proof your configuration files!

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5 Responses to “Mule Community Extensions Release Train (AMQP, Redis, PuSH, Erlang, JCR)”

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  2. I’m interested in using PubSubHubbub as a hub, can you at least give a concrete example and configuration so we can use mule as a hub?

  3. I mean how are you going to pass parameters to the hub.

  4. I’m unclear about what you’re asking.

    If you’re wondering how to configure the hub, this is done through the standard Mule XML configuration.

    If you’re wondering how clients interact with the hub, this is done with any HTTP client (and of course can be done with Mule as well).