Mule Studio Beta Milestone 3 Released!


We have been working hard here at MuleSoft! Mule Studio is nearing its General Availability release, and I am pleased to post a new milestone: Mule Studio Beta Milestone 3. In this milestone, we’re emphasising stability and fixing issues, but we also added some features and made some usability improvements.

Mule Studio is the graphical design tool for Mule ESB. At its core, it is based on the Eclipse Development Platform which many developers are already familiar with. But we have added significant functionality to it to achieve a very tight integration to Mule ESB. This makes Mule Studio a powerful visual and coding environment for developing Mule ESB applications.

Key new features in this release

  • 5 new endpoints (IMAP, POP3, Jetty, TCP, SSL and UDP)
  • 3 new cloud connectors (Mongo DB, Magento and CMIS) and over 10 new transformers, including a Message Enricher component
  • Added polling and composite sources support
  • 17 new transformers
  • Easier XML coding with initial support for code coloring and auto-complete
  • Improved stability

Be sure to download this latest release at: http://s/!

New Components Added to the Palette

Building with Mule Studio is easy with drag-and-drop placement of components on the canvas. These components encapsulate the functionality of transports, endpoints, connectors, filters, and transformers and make creating flows in Mule Studio a breeze. Just drag a component onto the canvas from the Palette, then double-click its icon to view configuration options and configure it. Plus, you can easily switch between visual and XML views, and choose to work within either or both.

New Endpoints Added

Mule Studio now includes 18 endpoints with the addition of the following:

IMAP and POP3—Create IMAP, IMAPS, POP3, and POP3S connections to mail servers to receive mail to trigger a flow.
Jetty—Use the Jetty endpoint component to add a self-contained HTTP server to your flow.
TCP — enables events to be sent and received over TCP sockets and for custom protocols to be created
SSL and TLS—Secure socket communication can now be added with the SSL and TLS protocols.
The UDP transport enables events to be sent and received as Datagram packets.

New Cloud Connectors Added

In addition to the Salesforce and Twitter Cloud Connectors, this release adds the following Cloud Connectors:

The Magento connector integrates with Magento eCommerce and exposes APIs for Order tracking, Customer management, Stock Management, Invoicing, Product Management, Categorization and more.
The CMIS connector enables connectivity to CMIS repositories, such as or SharePoint. The connector allows your applications to listen changes to content and insert new content into a CMS.
The MongoDB connector allows you to insert and retrieve data from MongoDB collections and buckets.

Polling and Composite Sources

Use the Polling scope to receive incoming data from an endpoint or cloud connector at specified intervals.
A Composite source allows a flow to receive data from more than one endpoint. This allows the same flow to be easily published on multiple  interfaces.

What’s Next?

Download this latest beta release of Mule Studio at http://s/ If you are new to Mule Studio, be sure to see our documentation area and view the Getting Started with Mule Studio guide which helps you build your first application.

Look for additional beta releases in the coming weeks, we are planning to have two more feature releases milestone 4 and 5.  We are working on a update mechanism, so you will be able to update software via the Eclipse updater mechanism, so there won’t be a need to download Mule Studio all over again.

Remember Studio is free and anyone can use it! Please help by reporting issues and feedback to the Mule Studio JIRA.  If you would like to contact the team directly with questions or feedback, please email us.

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