See us at Dreamforce: Cloud Connector for Streaming API

August 28 2011


If you are looking to integrate with in real-time, MuleSoft has the solution for you! We have been working with the Salesforce product team over the past 6 months to build and test the Cloud Connector for the Salesforce Streaming API.

For those of you who will be at Dreamforce, we will be showing the Connector in action:

Getting Started with the Streaming API
Wednesday, August 31
12:30pm – 1:30pm


In this session, we will show a demo of the simple app described in Ross’s blog post, integrating a Salesforce Chatter feed with an SMS network via the Twilio API.

The Salesforce Streaming API is currently in pilot. If you are a Salesforce customer, but your org doesn’t have the streaming API enabled yet, simply contact us by email, and we can work with Salesforce to get you early access to test the API and the Cloud Connector.

See you at Dreamforce!

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