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Introducing MuleSoft.U


Ever wanted to get certified on our Anypoint Platform, but discovered that you didn’t have the ?

We’d like to introduce MuleSoft.U: self-study, public, FREE certification courses that will enable developers to learn core MuleSoft skills. At a significant cost per seat for a public class, instructor-led training is unattainable for most independent developers. With MuleSoft.U, independent developers can get up and running in no time. In our first course, Mulesoft.U Developer Essentials, students will learn:

  • How to use Anypoint Studio to build integration applications to connect to SaaS and on-premise applications and data.
  • How to use the Anypoint Platform for APIs to define APIs with RAML and then implementing them as web services using Anypoint Studio and APIkit.
  • Deploying and running applications on CloudHub and/or Mule ESB Enterprise.

This is a great resource for independent developers, and any partner and customer developers who prefer the multi-week schedule are welcome to enroll as well. The first course begins on May 20, so register today!



Quick FAQs.

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What’s the difference between MuleSoft.U Developer Essentials and Anypoint Platform Essentials?

The learning objectives, technical content, and accompanying certification are exactly the same. The differences are in logistical details such as schedule, format, medium, etc. See a side-by-side comparison here.

Should I take instructor-led or self-study training?

Instructor-led training is generally a more impactful learning approach than self-study for multiple days of content such as this, but the reality depends entirely on your company’s resources and your schedule. If you’ve got a project that starts next week and you need to get up to speed on the Anypoint Platform, then Anypoint Platform Essentials is for you. If you need something to squeeze in after-hours or are budget constrained, then consider MuleSoft.U Developer Essentials.

What is the format of MuleSoft.U classes?

Self-study content is provided via prerecorded videos that become available every Wednesday of the course (at 9 am US Pacific time) that can be viewed 24 x 7. The course has been designed in a ‘walkthrough’ format where students follow along with the video within Anypoint Studio. Students can expect to spend 2-3 hours per week for 8 weeks working on the Developer Essentials course.

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