Upcoming Webinar: How MuleSoft IT Uses Anypoint Platform

One of the challenges that fast-growing enterprises face is building an infrastructure that meets the needs of both today and the future. Faced with the same challenge of rapid growth at MuleSoft, we have deployed our own tool, Anypoint Platform, to decouple core systems and enable the of core .

Mike Hamilton, the Director of IT at MuleSoft, will be presenting a webinar on December 3, 2015 at 10 AM Pacific called “Secrets from the Inside: How MuleSoft IT Uses Anypoint Platform.”

Register now for the webinar to learn how Anypoint Platform:

  • Provided flexibility and ability to maintain integrations
  • Helped create scalable and automated business processes
  • Streamlined interacting with multiple pieces of software

This is a fantastic introduction to real-life use cases of Anypoint Platform. Check it out!

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