Announcing Mule ESB 3.3.1


Mule ESB 3.3.1 represents a significant amount of effort on the back of Mule ESB 3.3 and our happiness with the result is multiplied by the number of products that are part of this release. We are releasing new versions with multiple enhancements and bug fixes to all of the major stack components in our Enterprise Edition. This includes:

Over 270 issues fixed since Mule 3.3

We have been working really hard on creating the best user experience for integrating everywhere. To that end we have fixed 60+ issues on Mule ESB, 170+ issues on Mule Studio and 40+ issues on Mule , making this a significant upgrade.  For more details please look at the release notes, but here is a brief description of what we improved.

New features included added in this release

You can now create clusters with up to 8 nodes with MMC, making Mule HA solution a great fit for your growing business demanding high performance and reliability. We also revamped the loan broker example and the WS Security example using the latest 3.3 features, making them simpler and easier.

We have been listening to the crowd and running usability tests and we learned a lot on what people needed so we added new features and major enhancements to make users more productive.
  • You can now use drag and drop to graphically move components in the graphical view.
  • Enhanced two-way editing. XML format and comments are properly maintained when changing the graphical view.
  • Studio now support multiple configuration files and allows you to reference flows in anywhere project
  • Export Studio Canvas as an image file (.png, .jpg, .bmp). Great to document your integration solutions
  • Adjust Studio defaults and preferences (i.e. disable report on configuration errors in XML view)
  • Multiple usability enhancements (Change display name, choice router, palette filter, etc)
  • DataMapper UI went under a lot of tuning to make it easier to configure and use

Mule DevKit

  • New RESTCall annotation creates REST calls directly from annotated class method definitions, removing the need for custom code. Perfect for the thousands of simpler APIs on the Web.
  • We now support Java Complex Types for message processors arguments or configurable fields
  • You can now have multiple authentication mechanisms supported by the same connector and configuration namespace
  • Expressing Binding. Bind any message processor parameter to an expression using @Expr.
  • Revamped OAuth support for 1.0a and 2.0. Including support for automatic REST call, making OAuth request signing painless.

Can’t wait to try it out?

Download Mule ESB 3.3.1 and and start integrating your applications faster and easier than ever. To get started, follow the instructions on the download page or go to Mule Studio’s Basic Tutorial.  Remember to try out the examples which will allow you to quickly get things working. Have fun! and let us know your feedback!.

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10 Responses to “Announcing Mule ESB 3.3.1”

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  2. Any ETA on the release of 3.3.1 CE standalone and the Maven artifacts?

  3. It is only Enterprise Edition, why?

  4. In 3.3.1 release, we made many usability improvements and other fixes to Mule Studio and DevKit, which both are available to both Community and Enterprise users. With the core Mule ESB, feedback from the community was that 3.3.0 was reliable and solid, without any blocking issues, so the core Mule ESB 3.3.1 was an Enterprise release. We are working already on releasing a first Milestone of 3.4 which will be available shortly with all the fixes up to that point.

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  6. So what you are saying is one can use Mule Studio 3.3.1 – build and application there and deploy happily in 3.3.0?

    • Yes, Studio 3.3.1 CE bundles Mule 3.3.0 CE, so you can deploy any application created in Studio 3.3.1. If you have any problem, please let us know.

  7. When I try to download I only get the option of downloading an Enterprise Trial for 30 days. Do you actually remove the older version like 3.3.0 and not provide a separate download option for CE editions?

  8. I guess this is the one which has all the Studio fixes for 3.3.1

  9. Can i get the ee:cache elements namespace and schemalocation Please ??