Mule 3.4 Blog Post Line Up


It has now been nearly a month since 3.4 was released and coming back from the 8 city tour Spring 2013 summit, I can truly say there is tremendous excitement within the community around the great features that this release offers.

In the coming weeks, key members of the MuleSoft team who were behind this release will be blogging about its various features and capabilities. Here is what this blog post line-up looks like:

I am eager to read each and every one of these blog posts as they will be highlighting the powerful capabilities that we have introduced fin Mule 3.4 to improve developer productivity and further elevate Mule as the best integration platform in the market today. Stay tuned for these blog posts to be published in the coming weeks!

If there are other topics that you’d like to see blogged please leave your suggestions in the comments.


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