DZone’s 2014 Guide to Enterprise Integration


Enterprise integration poses huge challenges for developers, and with so many tools and solutions to choose from, finding the right one can be tricky. ’s 2014 Guide to Enterprise Integration, their latest research report and guide, provides coverage of the landspace and offers key insights from 500+ developers and experts. The guide considers web services, integration architecture, SOA governance, enterprise service bus products, message queues, integration frameworks and suites, iPaaS solutions, API management platforms and much more.

Topics covered in the guide include:

  • Integration Architecture: How We Got Here
  • Integrating Microservices Into The Enterprise
  • Decomposition Patterns for Monolithic Applications
  • The Future of Developing and Integrating Applications
  • Microservices: Taking a Closer Look
  • A checklist for “The REST API Maturity Model”
  • Beyond Traditional Enterprise Integration: Bi-Modal IT

The guide also includes a directory of enterprise integration tools, frameworks, and platforms, providing comprehensive comparison data. Solutions in the directory are selected based on several impartial criteria including solution maturity, technical innovativeness, relevance, and data availability.

Moreover, we’re excited to announce that MuleSoft’s integration solutions were featured in three categories – Anypoint Platform for APIs for API Management, CloudHub for iPaaS, and Mule ESB for ESB.

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Notice to readers: MuleSoft was a research partner for DZone’s 2014 Guide to Enterprise Integration. The data in the solutions directory is impartial and not influenced by any vendor.

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