API Meetup Premieres in Argentina

December 2 2014

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APIs proudly made in Argentina

A couple weeks ago the first APIsAR meetup took place at MuleSoft’s Buenos Aires offices, with MuleSoft as one of the sponsors.

(APIs Argentina) is the first and only Argentine community focused on discussing the world of APIs. “The community was officially launched on September 9th,” commented Norberto Herz (founder of APIsAR) and at the time of the event, “it has more than 300 hundred members, mostly from Argentina, but also from other Latin American countries, as well as Spain.

The event agenda included a half an hour welcome reception, followed by an hour of talks and presentations, closing with another hour dedicated to networking over food and drinks.

Norberto welcomed attendees, introduced the group, set expectations for the event and gave a high level overview on APIs.

Following that, Alejo Fernandez presented “7 habits of Highly Effective APIs“,  covering best practices around API management and design, as well as the most common challenges during development. He shared real world examples (both good and bad), exposing that even the most popular companies and APIs can run into trouble.

Norberto mentioned that, “Apart from the personal satisfaction of putting together this event, it’s important to encourage people to discuss these topics. APIs are the key for applications interaction, which, considering the way the world is working,  is crucial for everyday interaction. Interactions and communications are all about standards and conventions, so, being in agreement about the method of building the nodes that connect things, is extremely important. Argentina has amazing IT professionals building software for the entire world. Lot of the ideas, products and services that are being consumed around the globe, are partially or totally produced here. I think that the community has a lot to share with the world about APIs, and this is the best way I could figure out to make it happen.

For those who couldn’t make it to Buenos Aires, the event is now available online. View now »

We chatted with  Norberto about the organization of the event: “When I started planning this, I thought that the venue, catering and drinks were going to be the most challenging! I realized that we needed a sponsor. But having MuleSoft support this, is not just a sponsorship. It’s an SF company with its biggest engineering department in Buenos Aires saying one more time: ‘Here’s the support you need. We think that Argentina has huge potential and that these things must happen.” Norberto also added, “The streaming component was mandatory for me. I can’t say this is APIs Argentina while only reaching Buenos Aires. I hope we can organize events in other areas in the near future.”

APIsAR was a successful pilot of what will surely be a great series of events (although technically, it was called “Episode I”). Looking forward to see more of these in the future!

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