Pass the salsa – Top Integration and API Articles of the Week


Here’s our weekly roundup of the top 5 integration and API articles of the week.  Take a look, let us know if we missed any, and share your thoughts in the comments.  Don’t forget to follow @MuleSoft to stay up-to-date on integration & APIs!

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Chips and Salsa? Find Them On the ‘Hybrid Cloud’ Aisle

Many enterprises wonder whether to make new investments in public cloud technology or continue investing in their private cloud infrastructure. In reality, the answer is “both” and the solution is hybrid cloud.

Infographic: The API Revolution

There’s an app for everything today, but to do all of this your phone needs to connect to other programs and servers. Welcome to the API revolution.


6 Ways the Internet of Things Will Transform Enterprise Security

Over the next several years, billions of devices will join the Internet of Things. These connections will have huge implications for security in the enterprise.


Seven Key Messages From Nordic APIs that Got Developers Talking

Last week, the Nordic APIs team took on 4 events in 4 days that covered API neo-security frameworks, the latest trends in B2B integrations, how government agencies are opening up their data, and API usability best practices. Here are the 7 key takeaways that had attendees talking.


The Reasons Businesses Use Open Source Are Changing Faster Than You Realize

Open source is no longer about cheap, commodity software. According to new research, it’s about driving innovation through participation.

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