Introducing 3 MuleSoft certified connectors

December 29 2015


We are thrilled to introduce 3 new MuleSoft Certified Connectors developed by our partners through our connector certification program. These connectors have been thoroughly reviewed and certified by MuleSoft for their use case and compatibility with MuleSoft’s products. If you are interested in purchasing the connector or have questions, please contact the partners directly.


JD Edwards Connector by ModusBox


The ModusBox JDE Connector provides interoperability with ’s EnterpriseOne™. The connector provides robust support for the entire range of JDE services including Financial Management, Project Management, Asset Life Cycle, Order Management, Manufacturing, Mobile and Reporting solutions.


Connector for IBM® AS/400® by Infoview Systems


The IBM® AS/400® Connector allows you to easily unlock the data in your IBM® AS/400®, reducing the time to market, total cost of ownership and integration complexity. The IBM® AS/400® connector works with native IBM® AS/400® objects (data queues and commands). The IBM® AS/400® connector is an operation-based connector, meaning when you add the connector to your flow, you configure a specific operation the connector is intended to perform.


Splunk Connector by WhiteSky Labs


The Connector provides the ability to perform most common tasks against the Splunk API in an easy and consistent way. It allows you to not only directly send data from Anypoint Platform into the Splunk Index but also to perform a wide variety of searches and indexing operations. Use the connector to work with Saved Searches, create and run Real-Time, Blocking and One-Shot searches, retrieve data models and create and modify your data inputs on the fly.

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