MuleCast: A Conversation with the creator of the JCR Transport

December 23 2008


In this episode, MuleSource CTO and co-founder Ross Mason speaks with David Dossot, creator of the transport for Mule.  The transport reads from, writes to, and observes 1.0 containers.  Mule users can find a user guide and examples for using the transport with Mule 1.4.x on the MuleForge – the user guide and examples for Mule 2.1.x are in the works now.

Learn more about “Building Content Oriented Integration Solutions with Mule and JCR” in an article Dossot wrote for TSS online.

You can download the latest version of Mule online at:

David Dossot has worked as a software engineer and architect for more than 13 years. He has been using Mule since 2005 in a variety of different contexts and is the project despot of the JCR Transport. He is lead and contributor to several minor open source projects, including NxBRE, a .NET business rules engine, which received coverage from O’Reilly. He is also a judge for the Jolt Product Excellence Awards and has written several articles for SD Magazine. He holds a Production Systems Engineering Diploma from ESSTIN.

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