MuleCast: A Conversation with the creator of the LDAP Transport

January 12 2009


In this episode MuleSource Director of Technical Publications Jackie Wheeler speaks with Hendrik Saly, creator of the LDAP transport for Mule. The LDAP transport provides support for connecting directory services via LDAP or LDAPS and is based on the JLDAP, which was developed by Novell and is available from the OpenLDAP project.

Download the transport, find documentation, contribute to the project, and more on the MuleForge:

Listen to the podcast to learn about the project, what’s on the horizon, and how to contribute.

Hendrik Saly has worked as a Java Developer and Architect for 10 years and is Director of the Akquinet Affiliate “akquinet technology GmbH” in Stuttgart (Germany). He has been working with Mule since V 1.1 and is the project despot of the LDAP transport. His main focus is working with JEE driven distributed systems for large companies, especially for customers in the financial sector. He is also author for several technical German articles.

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