New version of the Activiti module released!


We are pleased to announce that we have released a new version of the module. Activiti is a light-weight workflow and Business Process Management () Platform targeted at business people, developers and system admins. The Mule Activiti module allows you to control your Activiti instance from Mule as we shown here: Activiti + Mule part 1 and part 2.

This release supports versions 5.3 and 5.4 of Activiti and it works with Mule 3.x. Also, as part of this release we have automate the test certification for a new version of Activiti (as these guys release every month! 🙂 ) using an approach with Ant and Maven.

This release introduces a new deployment mode which allows you to run Activiti embedded in Mule. So we support:

  • Remote mode: Activiti and Mule run as separate applications and the integration is done through a REST API.
  • Embedded mode: Activiti process engine is deployed inside Mule and the configuration is done using Spring.

In addition we have added a more rich list of actions, these include:

  • Create process.
  • Get the value of a variable at runtime.
  • Get the historic value of a variable.
  • Get the latest value of a variable.
  • Obtain information of a task.
  • List the assigned tasks of a user.
  • List the candidate tasks for a group.
  • List the candidate tasks for a user.
  • List the process definitions.
  • Perform a operation over a task (claim or complete).

Check the docs for further details on these tasks. We also provide integration tests for each action. As there are some limitations in Activiti’s REST API, we expect (in the near future) that the list of actions for embedded mode will grow more than the one in remote mode.

Finally, I want to give a special thanks to Alejandro Vergara because of the manual testing perform to the module and I look forward to hearing your comments!

As always, You can download the Activiti BPM module from MuleForge.

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3 Responses to “New version of the Activiti module released!”

  1. Gran trabajo Esteban!
    Te agradecerĂ­a indicarme si conoces alguna empresa en Chile que implemente Mule ESB, nos interesa tener en quien apoyarnos.

  2. Hola Luis,
    Te pase un contacto en un mail privado.

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